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Invisalign in Bloomfield

woman's smile with invisalign inFor years, traditional metal braces were the only option to correct crooked, gapped, or crowded teeth. While traditional braces are effective, they are no longer the only bite correction option available. Clear braces like Invisalign® make it possible to correct your teeth without the pain, hassle and mouth full of metal associated with traditional braces.

How It Works

Traditional braces are comprised of a series of brackets fused to teeth that are connected to other brackets using wires. These wires are then tightened causing your teeth to pull against each other and shift into alignment. Invisalign® uses the same basic idea of constant pressure to move your bite into proper alignment except your teeth are not made to pull against each other. Instead, pressure is applied by the clear alignment trays worn by the patient. Many patients report experiencing less pain with Invisalign®. At Family Dental Practice of Bloomfield, our Invisalign® trained dentists will examine your current bite and develop alignment trays to be worn and discarded about every two weeks. These trays are customized to correct your bite, and your dentist can explain how your alignment trays will shift your bite using our digital x-ray technology to show you the changes to your smile. Most patients complete their Invisalign® treatment in about a year.

The Invisalign® Difference

In just 12 months, your teeth will be perfectly aligned, but in the meantime, you don’t have to worry about changing your diet or making numerous dental office visits. Because clear braces are removable, you can take them out for meals and replace them after. They can even be taken out during photos or important events. Skipping school to go to the orthodontist might have been something to look forward to, but for many working adults, this is not an option. Patients who choose Invisalign® require less than half the number of dentist visits throughout the course of treatment.