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Has Your Child Had a Recent Dental Cleaning in Bloomfield?

August 30, 2017

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Once back to school season hits, it can be hard to enjoy the rest of the summer. There are so many things to do before the school year begins! One thing you should think about is if your kid’s mouths are healthy and in good shape to head back to school. Your son or daughter’s smile should be strong, shining, and they should feel confident walking into their class during their first day of school. If it’s been a while since your child has had a dental cleaning in Bloomfield, we strongly recommend visiting the Family Dental Practice of Bloomfield. Our office not only works to get your little one’s smile gleaming and bright for the first day but also offer great dental tips to help your family survive the school year with healthy teeth.

Is Dental Care on Your Back-To-School List?

Vaccinations aren’t the only healthcare that should be on your radar when beginning school. Dental care is a top priority, too. Because tooth decay is the most common dental disease found in school-aged children, it’s more important than ever to have their teeth cleaned and protected with preventive fluoride treatments and sealants. In fact, your child could end up missing important days of school because of dental pain and oral health issues if they skip their preventive care appointments.

Here’s a quick dental checklist to review before school starts:

  • Schedule your children’s regular dental examination to diagnose and treat or prevent dental problems before they begin school!
  • Be sure to ask us about preventive sealants and fluoride treatments to strengthen teeth.
  • Make sure your children are regularly brushing with fluoride-enriched toothpaste and flossing every day.
  • When you go back to school shopping, consider buying several toothbrushes at once. This way, your kids can change them out every three months or after one of them catches a cold.

Jot down these quick dental tips for the school year:

  • Be sure to provide your kids healthy lunches and snacks. If you pack their lunches, try to add portable healthy snacks. Some ideas could be sandwiches (whole grains), milk and cheese sticks (dairy), raw vegetables, yogurt or fruit. If your child enjoys the provided school lunches, review healthy, balanced food choices with them before the first day. Cut back on sugary foods and soft drinks. It’s always best to provide them a bottle of water for school as well.
  • Ask our office about custom mouthguards for the student athletes in your family. Most dental emergencies take place because of a sports-related injury. Before you’re frantically searching for a Bloomfield dentist online, get prepared and protect their teeth.
  • Implement a dental reward system for when they practice great dental care at home. This will help your kids stay consistent—even with busy schedules Monday through Friday.

It’s Time to Visit the Dentist Before You’re Too Busy.

It’s important to find a dental home before your kiddos get in the full swing of the school year. If a dental emergency ever strikes, you won’t have to google, “dentist near me.” You’ll have our inviting dental practice to visit, get advice from, and keep your family’s teeth healthy. Contact us today to schedule the next available appointment before you’re too busy to!



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