Your Dentist in Bloomfield Provides Oral Healthcare Tips for New Mothers

June 19, 2018

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mother and babyDid you know that breastfeeding your child can decrease the chances that they’ll suffer from orthodontic problems later on? It can also help them to avoid “baby bottle decay,” which is caused when young children spend too much time sipping sugary drinks from a bottle. Yes, there is a definite link between your baby’s oral health and how they’re fed early in life. But breastfeeding can also impact your oral health as a mother. How so? Your dentist in Bloomfield explains the connection and provides you with guidance on how to keep your smile in good shape while you’re taking care of your precious new arrival.

Evaluate Your Oral Hygiene Routine

It’s understandable that once your little bundle of joy arrives, you want to be the best, most devoted mom possible. However, many new mothers may be so exhausted or so busy with their baby that they forget to give their teeth and gums the TLC they need. Some moms with infant children may even start brushing their teeth only once per day or fall into other poor oral hygiene habits.

Please remember that taking care of your teeth doesn’t become less important because you have a new baby to care for. If you don’t brush twice a day and floss once a day, you become more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease. Taking care of your own smile will also benefit your baby; you don’t want to accidentally transfer harmful cavity-causing bacteria to your little one when you sharing a spoon or other eating utensils.

Be on Guard Against Bruxism

Along with the joy of being a new mom might come some stress, which can translate into bruxism (teeth grinding). This habit can prematurely wear down your enamel and lead to TMJ disorder. If you find that you’re grinding or teeth, or if you suspect you’re doing it at night while you’re asleep, it’s a wise idea to talk to your family dentist in Bloomfield. They may provide you with a custom nightguard to prevent grinding.

Stay Hydrated

A dry mouth is bad news for anyone. Without enough saliva to rinse away bacteria, tooth decay and gum disease are more likely to occur. Drinking water encourages a moist, clean mouth. It’s especially important that new moms are conscious of the need to take in enough fluids because a busy new schedule, dietary changes, and other factors increase the risk of dehydration during lactation.

Visit Your Dentist

You might have experienced some pregnancy-related oral health concerns while you were expecting your new little one, but just because your baby has arrived doesn’t mean you can start neglecting regular dental visits. Your dentist in Bloomfield is eager to help both moms and babies enjoy good oral health through regular exams, gentle treatments, and insightful advice.

You want your baby to grow up seeing lots of beautiful, healthy smiles from you. During breastfeeding and beyond, please be sure to take care of your oral health.

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