How Your Dental Team Prepares to See You During COVID-19

July 22, 2020

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sanitizing countertop as part of dental safety protocol in Bloomfield

Before COVID-19 became a widespread problem, your dental team had a somewhat simple procedure for preparing to see you. They would thoroughly wash their hands, put on fresh gloves and a mask, and ensure they were using sterilized instruments. Now, things have changed. Additional steps are necessary to protect your health and that of your dental team. In this blog post, we will discuss a portion of the dental safety protocol in Bloomfield that is helping to create a safe environment.

Safety Champions

The American Dental Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other reputable organizations provide dentists with an array of safety guidelines. Your local dental team has made it their business to know those guidelines and put them to use. They are committed to following all applicable safety rules down to the letter, and they offer each other reminders on how they can promote a healthful office environment day after day. They also help patients play their role in fostering a clean and healthful dental office. Indeed, they are true champions for safety.

Daily Health Checks

Your dental team is always happy to see you. However, they would never come to work if they believed there was even a small chance that they could cause you to become ill. That is why they submit to a thorough health screening each day before they begin work. The screening includes a contactless temperature check and a questionnaire that assesses whether it is likely that they have contracted the virus that causes COVID-19. Patients are required to undergo a similar screening prior to each of their appointments.

Changing Work Clothes at Work

In the past, you might have seen members of your dental team wearing their scrubs while they ran errands around town. Now, you are less likely to see that because they are required to travel to work in their normal clothes. Then, when they arrive at the office, they put on freshly cleaned scrubs. This simple precaution minimizes the chance that a team member’s garments will transfer any pathogens to patients.

A Strict Cleaning Routine

Dental offices have always been among the cleanest places in the country. That is truer now than ever. Your dental team disinfects all high-touch surfaces, including countertops and door handles, a least three times each day. They have also adjusted their scheduling protocols to allow more time to clean the operatories between patients. Every evening after closing, they perform a deep cleaning of the office.

Your dental team places a high value on both your oral health and your overall health. Contact them to learn more about the safety protocols that are helping to keep you well throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meet Our Practice

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