Limited Time Offer — Visit Us for FREE Teeth Whitening!

May 31, 2022

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Close-up of woman’s beautiful smile after free teeth whitening treatment

Countless individuals would like to achieve a brighter smile. Are you among them? You might have thought about purchasing some over-the-counter teeth whitening products, but why do that when you could take advantage of a FREE teeth whitening treatment from a dentist? For a limited time, we are offering zero-cost bleaching kits to new patients. Read on below to learn some details about this special promotion.

How It Works

To redeem our free teeth whitening offer, give us a call and schedule your first appointment with our practice. Mention that you are interested in this special promotion.

When you arrive for your appointment, we will greet you with a warm welcome. After we make sure that your paperwork is in order, we will escort you farther into our office, where we will take some X-Rays. One of our dentists will also perform a thorough examination of your teeth. If your checkup reveals any dental problems, we will talk to you about our recommended treatment plan.

Your first appointment will also include a refreshing dental cleaning with one of our talented hygienists. They will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth, give you tips on how to care for your smile at home, and perform other services as necessary.

When your appointment concludes, we will give you your free take-home whitening kit. The trays are easy to use because they are pre-loaded with a powerful stain-removing formula. All you have to do is follow the provided instructions, and you should see optimum results within roughly two weeks.

The Fine Print

Here are some important details about our free teeth whitening offer:

  • It is exclusively for new patients. We love our existing family of patients, but this offer is only for those who are new to our practice. Also, keep in mind that complimentary consultations do not qualify for free teeth whitening.
  • Teeth whitening is not right for everyone. Your dental health is of paramount importance to us. If your exam reveals any oral health issues that would make it a bad idea for you to undergo a teeth whitening treatment, we will not provide you with the advertised kit. You may become eligible for whitening after some restorative care.
  • We value your cooperation and punctuality. We cannot provide free teeth whitening to no-shows and cancellations. Your appointment must be paid for in full before we give you your whitening kit.
  • You have a limited time to get free whitening. Our promotion ends on July 31, 2022. Appointment slots can fill up quickly, so it would be wise to book your visit ASAP.

Would you like a brighter smile this summer? Visit Family Dental Practice of Bloomfield to receive a FREE teeth whitening kit!

Meet the Practice

Family Dental Practice of Bloomfield is proud to be the professional home of a large team of dentists and specialists. General, restorative, and cosmetic care are all available in our practice. To learn more about us and how we may be able to help you achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile, contact us at 860-263-0441.