Can I Get Braces on Just My Top or Bottom Teeth?

August 24, 2022

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Patient’s smile with traditional braces in Bloomfield on top and bottom teeth

The idea of getting braces on just the top or bottom teeth, rather than both dental arches, appeals to many patients. After all, they might think that doing so could save them money, and it would lead to a simpler oral hygiene routine than having traditional braces in Bloomfield on all of their teeth. But is single-arch treatment a good idea? This blog post discusses why full-mouth treatment is usually the better option.

Single-Arch Treatment for Cosmetic Purposes

Money and oral hygiene are just a couple possible motivations for pursuing single-arch orthodontic treatment. However, in many cases, patients are more interested in aesthetics. They may see that either their top or bottom teeth seem to be straight already. They are interested in correcting the other arch so they can feel confident about their entire smile.

Treating just the upper or lower teeth for cosmetic purposes is possible in some cases. Your dentist or orthodontist will determine whether it is advisable in your case. Do not be surprised, though, if they recommend that you get braces on both arches instead.

Why Is Double-Arch Treatment Usually Better?

The primary reason why double-arch treatment is usually necessary boils down to bite alignment. Simply put, moving one row of teeth and not the other could adversely affect the way they work together. For example, if the top teeth get moved forward and the bottom teeth stay in place, it could cause or worsen an overbite. Similarly, if the top teeth get moved backward, an underbite might develop or become worse.

A misaligned bite is nothing to take lightly. It can cause problems with chewing food, contribute to pain in the TMJ, and even adversely affect facial aesthetics.

Of course, the fact that double-arch treatment is usually the right option does not mean that you will receive your top and bottom braces at the same time. Depending on the existing misalignment in each dental arch, you might receive braces for one before the other. Often, top braces are placed a few months before bottom ones.

Benefits of Full-Mouth Braces

Although it may seem inconvenient to get full-mouth orthodontic treatment rather than single-arch treatment, you can expect some significant benefits when you follow your dentist’s or orthodontist’s recommended treatment plan:

  • You are likely to enjoy predictable, desirable treatment results.
  • You can avoid complications and possibly save money.
  • You can enjoy the most efficient path to a straighter, healthier, and more attractive smile.

Single-arch braces are rarely the best solution for orthodontic patients. Full-mouth treatment, on the other hand, is likely to provide the results you desire.

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