Extend the Life of Your Dental Implants by Avoiding These 5 Bad Habits

January 29, 2024

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Dental implant treatment requires a significant investment of both time and money. However, implants are a great value because they have the potential to last for several decades — many patients even get lifelong function from them! That does not mean, though, that you can simply trust your implants to stand the test of time. You have the responsibility to protect them from harm and premature failure. How can you extend the life of your dental implants? You should avoid these bad habits:

Overconsumption of Alcohol

In the months following your dental implant placement surgery, it is generally best to avoid alcohol completely. Once you finish healing, it should be fine to resume drinking. However, you should still be careful not to overdo it. Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause dry mouth, which can allow bacteria to thrive and attack the tissue around your dental implants.


Smoking can significantly increase the risk of dental implant failure. It slows down healing time after surgeries, contributes to dry mouth, and is a big risk factor for oral infections. Admittedly, kicking the habit is extremely difficult for some individuals. Seek the support of your physician and trustworthy friends. They can help you formulate a “quit plan” and stick to it!

Poor Dietary Choices

After your dental implant restoration (crown, bridge, or denture) is in place, you should feel free to eat virtually any food. You can indulge in all of your favorite treats! However, it is also important to keep in mind that some foods are better for dental implants than others. Try to limit sugary, hard, and sticky foods. Instead, eat a balanced diet that is rich in nutrients that support oral health, like vitamin D and vitamin C.

Failing to Protect Your Mouth

If you play sports, you should always wear a mouthguard to protect both your oral tissues and your implants against injury. A custom mouthguard from a dentist is a more effective option than over-the-counter products.

If you tend to grind your teeth at night, you should wear a different kind of mouthguard — one that is specifically designed to prevent your top and bottom teeth from harming one another.

Neglecting Regular Dental Visits

Even if you no longer have any of your natural teeth, that does not excuse you from regular dental visits. Try to book a preventive appointment every six months. Your dental team can clean your mouth and examine both your oral tissues and your dental implants. They may be able to identify developing problems well before they threaten to cause dental implant failure.

Caring for dental implants is easy! Avoid the bad habits listed in this blog post so you can keep your smile in great shape for the long haul.

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