What to Expect after Getting a Dental Crown

August 10, 2022

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Illustration of dental crown in Bloomfield being placed on tooth

Will you soon get a dental crown in Bloomfield? Your new restoration will protect your tooth, benefit your oral health, and perhaps even improve your smile’s appearance. Still, you might be a bit nervous about your procedure. Will you have to go through a long or painful recovery period? Fortunately, most patients enjoy a relatively easy post-treatment experience. This blog post discusses what you can expect after receiving a crown.

Numbness from Anesthetic

Your mouth, or at least a portion of it, is likely to be numbed during your dental appointment. The numbness can linger for several hours. During this time, you must be careful not to consume anything too hot; you might accidentally burn your mouth.

After the Anesthetic Wears Off

As the anesthetic wears off, you may begin to notice some soreness and sensitivity in your mouth. Mild swelling is also normal. These symptoms usually dissipate within a few days to a few weeks. In the meantime, you can mitigate any discomfort by taking these practical steps:

  • Take over-the-counter pain relievers as necessary. Ibuprofen works well for many patients.
  • Apply a topical anesthetic to the gums if necessary. The cement that secures a crown in place might cause irritation to your gums. An over-the-counter oral anesthetic can help to relieve this.
  • Avoid hard, crunchy, sticky, hot, and cold foods. You may find it beneficial to stick to either liquids or extremely soft foods for at least a few days. For example, things like smoothies, soups, scrambled eggs, and mashed potatoes are good choices.

After Your Recovery Period

Once any soreness or swelling wears off, you can resume your normal eating and drinking habits. Some patients hesitate to test a new permanent crown with crunchy or tough foods, but remember that your restoration designed to stand up to all the rigors of daily life. Eating things like chips, crackers, chewy meats, and more should be perfectly fine.  

Of course, you still need to take care of your crown. You should avoid biting down on any extremely hard objects, such as ice, that might cause your restoration to break. It is also important that you stick to a good oral hygiene routine and visit your dentist for regular checkups.

What if You Run into a Problem?

If you run into any issues during your recovery, be sure to let your dentist know. Things like severe or prolonged pain, a loose-feeling crown, or a crown that causes an uncomfortable bite, are reasons to seek professional treatment. Hopefully, your dentist will be able to address the issue as quickly and comfortably as possible.

There is no reason to be afraid of getting a dental crown. Within a few days of your procedure, you can begin to fully enjoy all the benefits of your new restoration.

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